Are there discounted registrations available?

Yes, we do offer discounted registrations for current students, academic, NonProfit, and Government participants, as well as alumni of Singularity University Summits or programs. 

The Student discounted General Participant price is $2,495. There is no student discount for Platinum registrations.

The Academic/NonProfit/Government discounted General Participant price is $3,495 for all price tiers. There is no discount for Platinum registrations. 

To access this pricing, you will have to provide a valid email address proving your status as a student/Academic/NonProfit employee/Government organization employee.

The SU Alumni discounted General Participant, and the Platinum price is 20% off the regular price for each price tier.

To access the SU Alumni pricing, you will have to confirm the name and year of the SU event you attended. Your attendance will be verified prior to being able to access the discounted rate.

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